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Evan Picone Suits

Evan Picone Suits – A Nice Common Ground

If you are looking for suits which are somewhere between conservative and trendy, consider Evan Picone suits.  Originally a collaboration between Charles Evans and Joseph Picone while focused mainly on skirts and women’s slacks, the Evan Picone brand is now proudly owned by the Jones Group, Inc., and it offers a wide range of men’s and women’s wardrobe.

Evan Picone is a New York based private company engaged in the manufacture of clothes.  The company was founded by Charles Evans with the help of his father’s tailor, Joseph Picone, in the early 60’s.  Initially they produced women’s clothing.  Then they expanded to manufacture high-end sportswear most of which had hand-stitching and other intricate details.  The company was sold to Charles Revson in 1962, when Charles Evans shifted his interest to real estate development.  Eventually, the brand was purchased by Jones Group Inc., which is an American marketer and wholesaler of branded clothes, shoes, and accessories, in 1992.

Aside from the classic Evan Picone suits for men, there are suits for women including pant suits and suit dresses.  And the sizes also vary from Evan Picone petite suits to suits for plus size women.  Indeed, they have suits for practically all types of individuals.

In general, the designs of Evan Picone suits find a nice common ground – not too bland or too flashy, neither vintage nor ultra-modern – always something in between.  It is characterized by all around versatility, which makes their apparel usable in a variety of occasions.  And since it does not follow the latest fad, it hardly goes out of fashion.  True, their designs are not trend-setting, but they are nice all-around suits.

The range of colors will appeal to a wide user base considering that conservative shades and relatively more trendy hues are available.  This allows for additional options to cater to the particular color preferences of different customers.  And rest assured that the colors available blend well with the common ground nature of the designs.

The material used, which is wool, also varies depending on the intended season of use.  Worsted wool is utilized for Evan Picone suits for men and women intended for summer wear, while the more appropriate heavier types of wool are used for winter wear.  However, there is also the option of using the lighter material suits during winter provided this is used in conjunction with an appropriate overcoat.

The retail prices of these clothes usually range from $400 to $800.  However, in line with the repositioning of the brand and gearing it more towards the mass market, these quality suits can be purchased online at mark down prices or significant discounts.  It should be noted that in the year 2000, Jones Group, Inc. decided to reposition some of their premium brands, including Evan Picone, thereby attuning their pricing strategy more towards the lower income bracket.

Evan Picone clothing and accessories are available in Jones Group, Inc. chain of specialty retail and value-based stores.  This is on top of their availability in known retail outlets nationwide.  As earlier mentioned, Evan Picone apparel may be purchased online oftentimes with a hefty discount.

So if you are after practical and smart-looking suits, which will not make much dent on your wallet, consider Evan Picone suits.  Whether it’s the more popular 2-botton suit or the 3-botton coat you are after, Evan Picone will have one which will suit your taste.  And the classic designs will be of appropriate fashion for years.  With this apparel, you may not stand out, but neither will you stick out like a sore thumb.  And you will have something versatile, presentable, and practical to wear for years to come.

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